You don’t have to be a PRO to train like one!  But you do have to train like one if you want PRO RESULTS!
TEAM MTV8 has created a FUN and ENGAGING training workout for Student-Athletes from ages 8-18.
Incorporating a TEAM environment that focuses on ATHLETIC FUNDAMENTALS as well as boosting MORALE, SELF-ESTEEM, and CAMARADERIE, TEAM MTV8’s Student-Athlete training is serious about RESULTS.
The core Athletic Fundamentals taught at TEAM MTV8 include:
F = Footwork
A = Agility
S = Speed
T = Technique
E = Explosion
R = Recovery
TEAM MTV8’s two-prong approach combines proper BIO-MECHANICS (to help Student-Athletes of all ages and levels move and control their bodies better in space and reduce injuries), with the PRO MENTALITY (to make sure a positive, winning mindset is always present).
Whether you are just becoming active, focused on improving your athletic ability, trying to make it to the next level, or training to play Division 1 athletics, TEAM MTV8 will provide you the PHYSICAL and MENTAL TOOLS like no other program in the world!