TEAM MTV8 Minis Premier Program


TEAM MTV8 Minis – the premier athletic-focused youth training program that emphasizes athletic coordination, agility, movement and fitness in a positive, fun, energetic, team-based environment.

Unlike other sport specific programs (such as soccer, baseball, tennis or gymnastics) that 1) force that sport’s specific training and 2) quickly divides participants by skill level based on those who have experience with that particular sport, TEAM MTV8 Minis focuses on the coordination and movement to perform better in any sport or discipline, while providing a program that is inclusive and positive for all participants.

Not only is TEAM MTV8 Minis proven to be more enjoyable then sports specific programs, sports science has proven that the best and most successful athletes in the world first master foundational skills of movement, agility and coordination, before moving on to sports training.

Whether your Mini wants to start building the proper foundation needed to enjoy and excel in an athletic lifestyle, while increasing performance and reducing injuries, or your Mini is looking to gain self-confidence, inter-personal skills, team dynamics and have an absolute blast while being active, TEAM MTV8 Minis has developed the Premier Program for your Mini.

-TEAM MTV8 Minis was developed by an executive team consisting of professional athletes, medical and sports science professionals, health and nutrition experts, behavioral specialists, and caring mothers and fathers.



TEAM MTV8 Minis – The 10 Disciplines

Each TEAM MTV8 Mini Premier Program covers the following disciplines over the course of the 10 week program (multiple disciplines are coached in each training session) :

Discipline 1: Bio Mechanics
How do Athletes Move? Initial Athletic assessments, the basics of running mechanics, proper form, linear & relay running. Foundational coordination.

Discipline 2: Nutrition & Health
How do athletes and happy bodies eat? Making good nutrition choices at any age. Instilling good health and nutrition principles.

Discipline 3: Agility & Change of Direction (C.O.D)
What does it take to move as quickly and as easily and as safely as possible any direction? The mechanics and techniques behind moving fast and explosive in any direction. Increasing coordination.

Discipline 4: Jumping & Plyometrics
Let’s jump, move and have fun. What Goes Up Must Come Down so all athletes must learn how to decelerate and absorb shock for proper and safe landing after any type of jumping or sprinting technique.

Discipline 5: Games & Competition
Game and activities that draw in a healthy level of team-based competition.

Discipline 6: Sportsmanship: Being a TEAM Player & Leader
Learning the dynamics of being in a team, supporting, leading and managing as needed. Understanding what Sportsmanship means in a variety of situations.

Discipline 7: Desire, Inner-Will & Goal-Setting
Coaching the motivation and skills necessary to set quality goals. Aiding in the drive and actions needed to accomplish those goals, and enjoying the satisfaction that results.

Discipline 8: Perseverance & Determination
Specific drills, activities and challenges are utilized to help develop the character needed to build and strengthen the mental fortitude needed to succeed.

Discipline 9: Coping Skills & Self-Esteem
In athletics, as in life, there will always be times when we “fail.” Through specific verbal and non-verbal coaching techniques, we work on the mechanisms needed after a failure is experienced to drive learning and future positive success.

Discipline 10: Performance when needed Performing and succeeding at specific times and when needed is important whether in athletics, education, or profession. Final performance drills coupled with individual athletic assessments, one on one evaluations with coaches, athletic games, and awards!


TEAM MTV8 Mini 10-week Premier Program:
Boys and Girls: Ages 4yrs – 6yrs
Package Cost: $160 (only $16/training session)
Total MINIs Allowed Per Class: max 16
Training Day & Time: Click REGISTER NOW to see current availability
TEAM MTV8 Mini Perks:
– FREE TEAM MTV8 training shirt
– FREE TEAM MTV8 drawstring bag
– FREE TEAM MTV8 inspiration stickers
– 10% OFF TEAM MTV8 classes at Motiv8 Performance Center for all family


Whether you have a child who loves video games or has been an athlete since they could walk, TEAM MTV8 Minis is for all skill levels. Part of the magic of TEAM MTV8 Minis is that based on its science driven curriculum, all skill and experience levels will greatly benefit from the 10 MTV8 Disciplines, and have a blast doing them!

TEAM MTV8 Minis Premier Program is 10 weeks of carefully thought out, created and expertly coached curriculum, delivering TEAM MTV8’s unparalleled 10 MTV8 Disciplines. Minis have a great time being constantly engaged and staying active through a variety of drills, instructional sessions and games with a daily emphasis on, Athleticism, Coordination, Body Awareness, Competition, Sportsmanship, Leadership, Mental Fortitude, and Nutrition.

All TEAM MTV8 coaches are former High School, College, and Professional athletes who have coached at a high school, college and/or professional level. Our coaches are expertly and extensively trained to work with specific ages and skill levels. TEAM MTV8 coaches lead the industry with sound education, unmatched motivation and unlimited positive reinforcement to help your child develop a healthy mindset towards leadership, comradery and competition.

FREE TEAM MTV8 Mini Premier Program Perks
In addition to the best youth athletic and mental training program in the country, each MINI receives a TEAM MTV8 training shirt, TEAM MTV8 Drawstring bag and TEAM MTV8 Inspiration Stickers.

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